Monday, September 19, 2016

Brighton through Lens part 2

When the feet need some rest...
....And when the belly rumbles for its own rewards 

Fish and chips you must, in this beach town!!
And then just lay on the beach... soak in... remember your girlfriends...

Or that first smooch...
And all your crazy friends and those crazy antics...
or may be just remember those solitary moments when seats around you had been empty and you had to give that test of life alone

and then remember how you cracked it with flying colours!!

The colourful town brings back colourful memories!! Brighten up. 

When done with the sea and the beach, visit the Royal Pavilion!!

And then explore the nooks and crannies, and enjoy interesting wall graffiti.

And do visit the North lane. Shed your Pride and your Prejudice!! And celebrate gay rights!!

Brighton, then, gets etched in your memory and by the end of the trip, you take back more interesting memories and things than Lydia could think of!!

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